Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by my site!  I'm Jessica, the owner, designer and maker at Off the Vine Designs. I'm also a wife, mom of three and I LIKE WINE. I mean, who doesn't?  

So, here's my story.  A few years back (2018), I was searching and searching retail stores for a bookcase for my home. I didn't want anything mass-produced, or over the top, just something simple, with a bit of character. We had a few wine crates and soon I had it my head that I can just make one!  To my surprise, it actually came out pretty good, and what's even better, is that I really enjoyed the whole process!

After a few gatherings at our house, and many compliments on my original bookcase (*blushing*), I went on a 'building spree'!  A few months later, my pieces were selling in a local store! Yay!  

Long story short, I removed my unsold pieces in April 2020 (thanks covid).  

Enter...Etsy!  Seemed like a no-brainer.  Within my first week, my pieces were selling.  Ecstatic and recharged, Off the Vine Designs was in growth mode and my custom wine crate furniture was maintaining steady 5-star reviews.  Confidence!  But the fees. Oh my, those fees...  

It was time to build a website, save on some fees, and expand beyond the build.  My awesome clients deserve the best value and variety I can offer.  And let me tell ya, I do have the very best customers! 

Now, I'm in the process of expanding my custom furniture builds, as well as other wine-related, fun and original inventory and other small business partnerships.  Rewards, gift registries, wish lists, and more, are all in the works!  Side note… stay in the loop, and subscribe to my newsletter below. ;)


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