While it may be tempting to give a wine lover a bottle of wine as a gift, other creative wine-themed gift ideas spell effort. These gift ideas range from handmade wine-inspired décor to books and many more that would be a wine lover’s idea of paradise. Wine gifts can even be further personalized to suit the tastes of the recipients.

Here are some creative wine-inspired gift ideas that can help put a smile on the faces of the oenophiles on your shopping list.

Books: ‘Stuff Every Wine Snob should know,’ Wine Bible,’ ‘Wine Folly: Magnum Edition,’ ‘The World Atlas of Wine’ are some books which can be given to wine lovers, with a shared love for books, to help understand wine language and perfect wine pairing.

Steel Wine Rack: This aesthetically pleasing piece which provides an elegant way to shelf wine while securely stacking the wine bottles, might be just what your wine-obsessed friend will appreciate, even much more than a bottle of  Merlot.

Angled Bordeaux Wine Glasses: This gift is just the right match for that wine snob who prides himself on having specific glassware for every type of wine.??  Add to his collection!

Wine Lid Cookbook Holder: This cookbook holder, created from a wooden wine crate lid, serves as an excellent gift for wine-loving friends who love to cook. This aesthetically pleasing holder makes reading a recipe easy and hands-free.

Custom-made Wine Stoppers: Sometimes, finishing a bottle of wine is just not in the cards, even for a lover of quality wine. Oxygen is an enemy of good wine. Thus, that wine-crazed friend of yours will appreciate a stopper that sufficiently covers the wine bottle so that contact with air is reduced, keeping it fresh for much longer.

Wood Wine Trough: This is an ideal gift for the host who loves wine and throws parties.

So, what’s your favorite?  Have any new ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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