Unique Wine Décor for your Home

Are you a wine lover looking to spice up your home with lovely handmade décor? Look no further. Regardless of your wine preference, wine décor is the perfect aesthetic piece for adding the depth and delight of wine to your home. Nothing speaks style and sophistication like a wine-inspired room. Here are some unique wine décor ideas for your home. 

Wine crate ottoman: While ottomans are traditionally used as footrests due to their plump cushioning and low profile, they serve various other functions. Wine crate ottomans can even become centerpiece furniture when placed in a living room. It also doubles as a space for throw pillows, books, magazines, and even toys. It not only saves space but also saves money by serving various purposes.

Wine crate bench: This especially comes in handy if you are trying to conserve space. Wine crate benches are a perfect solution for seating that can be pulled out when needed. Use the bench in your entryway to sit, remove and store doorway shoes.  Us it as a long, oversized ottoman in your living room.  Or my favorite, at the foot of your bed to complete that tidy bedroom.

Wine panel entry hooks: These are hooks that display your love for wine and are perfect for entryways.  They not only sit pretty on walls, but they also come in handy for hanging keys, dog leashes, sunglasses, or anything else convenient to grab on your way out of the door.

Cork cage: This is a beautiful decorative piece mounted on the wall or placed on a shelf or countertop. It helps to save corks, thus preserving wine memories gathered over the years.

Wine box serving tray: While this vintage wine box serving tray speaks of the sophistication of a host, an added advantage is that your drinks will stay nice and stable.  With the tray being deeper than the regular conventional trays, they are both sensible and sophisticated.

These handmade furniture pieces also serve as perfect gift ideas for your friends and family. Wine gifts can be personalized to suit the different personalities of the recipients. While a cook would greatly fancy a wine lid cookbook holder, a hoarder and wine lover like myself would prefer a handmade cork cage.

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